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how the idea came about

During a conversation with his father in a small restaurant in rural Wisconsin, Sam realized that everyone loses items, no matter how important. People all across the world forget things in common areas: hotels, airplanes, college campuses, taxis/ride-sharing cars, etc.  Although there are some ways to get your items back, it’s never standardized. And if someone happens to find your item, there isn’t any real incentive to give it back (other than guilt, of course), nor is there an easy way of doing so. Because of this, and after hearing innumerable stories of phones lost in Ubers or tens of thousands of dollars of camera equipment lost in NYC taxis and seeing the hundreds of items lost on the Northwestern student Facebook pages, he talked with Leo about solving this issue.  They both agreed that it sucks to lose items. Together, they developed Retriever.


who we are

Retriever is a peer-to-peer service that returns lost items for a reward.  Based on the situation, Retriever provides a greater incentive for the person who lost an item to get it back, as well as the finder to return it.


our mission

Surveys have shown that the average American loses nearly $6,000 worth of items over their lifetime, or about $90 every year. The same survey showed that people spend less than a week looking for the item after giving up.  Everyone loses stuff - and a lot of the times, it’s in a public place, where it’s very hard to get it back!  Retriever strives to reunite all lost items with their owners through a peer-to-peer return service.

our team

Sam is a Junior at Northwestern University studying Mathematics and Physics. In 7th grade, he started up and incorporated his own apparel business called Be Fly and ran it through his Senior year in high school. He also worked as a product manager at his father’s start-up business, Liberty Health Supply, for 2 years, managing over 5000 products.

At Northwestern, he started up two other companies before developing Retriever: Care Package, a distribution service that delivers affordable, curated snack boxes directly to Northwestern students' dorm doors, and Backlight, an affordable resume-writing service for millennials and students that uses AI and professional copy editors to build and optimize resumes.

Over his past two summers, along with working on Care Package and Backlight Resumes, Sam was a full-time intern at The Catch Company working as a Product and Strategy intern.

Leo is a Junior at Northwestern University majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He is also pursuing a minor in Philosophy and the Kellogg Certificate in Managerial Analytics.


He is an analyst at Analytics Quantitative Consulting Group, a member of  Northwestern’s Institute for Student Business Education. He has worked with nonprofit organizations like Citizens’ Greener Evanston to successfully lobby the city of Evanston to partner with sustainable, renewable energy providers.


He has also developed marketing strategies for Northwestern startups such as Local and Spring Slam to help these companies grow, and increase their outreach at Northwestern.


Last summer, Leo interned at L’Oreal Luxe, in data analytics. He developed interactive data visualizations, automated existing reports, and composed data dictionaries.


At Northwestern, Leo is also a brother in the Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity.

Samuel Y. Kim, Jr.
Samuel Y. Kim, Jr.
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